Closterium ralfsii var. hybridum


[Domain] Eukarya
[Kingdom] Plantae
[Phylum] Charophyta
[Class] Zygnematophyceae
[Order] Desmidiales
[Family] Closteriaceae
[Genus] Closterium


Brook, A.J. and Williamson D.B. (2010). A Monograph on Some British Desmids. pp. 298-299. London: The Ray Society.

Brook, A. J., John, D. M. and Whitton, B.A., et al. (2017). The freshwater algal flora of the British Isles: an identification guide to freshwater and terrestrial algae. 2nd edition. pp. 621, 631. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Records associated with the species ralfsii var. hybridum:


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Closterium ralfsii var. hybridum

Visit #85 (January 9th, 2020) at Johnnie Mann's Loch


The records of Closterium ralfsii var. hybridum were found at the following lochs:

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